Lackawanna College School of Petroleum & Natural Gas Newsletter

Lackawanna College, in partnership with Cabot Oil & Gas, developed The School of Petroleum & Natural Gas to facilitate the education and placement of needed employees for the Natural Gas boom in the Northeast.

“It was a pleasure to work with the team at Halibut Blue on our School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Magazine. Their attention to detail and creative aesthetic helped us elevate our brand and really tell the story of our School and its mission.”

Wendy Hinton, Director of External Relations
Lackawanna College

Newsletter design

A newsletter had been developed but didn’t adequately represent the forward-thinking partnership. We were engaged to redesign the publication. The publication had to be visually interesting and contemporary while working within the established corporate identity of the college. The use of large photos, infographics, high-concept graphics and contrasting typography was employed to create a truly engaging publication.

Targeted Editoral Design

To illustrate breaking the Glass Ceiling (the known issue of a professional advancement barrier impacting women) a graphic treatment was created for the headline. This treatment, used in conjunction with strong photography, yielded a spot-on introduction to an editorial article explaining how the School’s program is preparing women for lucrative carriers in the Oil and Natural Gas industry.