NuDeck Packaging and Collateral

We’ve worked with UGL for over 15 years and have dozens of package designs residing on the shelves of national stores such as Lowes®, True Value®, and Home Depot®. In addition to packaging we’ve developed point-of-purchase (POP) materials, end caps, supporting collateral materials and business-to-consumer ads running in such publications as “Family Handyman®” and “This Old House®.”

A ‘New Deck’ In Every Can

Nudeck gallon can

NuDeck is UGL’s superior response to the inferior products for deck and concrete restoration in the marketplace. A clean, contemporary master design was created and applied to a variety of packages.

Product Brochure

To support NuDeck, a POP brochure was developed illustrating the features and benefits of the products, as well as the design possibilities.

Header Cards and Product ads

POP header cards and business-to-consumer ads were designed featuring the same product photography and graphic treatments, assuring a cohesive product identity.

NuDeck Poster and Ad