Visual Veggies Responsive E-commerce Website

We were contacted to redesign the Visual Veggies website after a bad experience with a previous developer. We were tasked with moving the existing website, creating a more contemporary design, incorporating an existing logo and integrating an e-commerce platform. The result is an easy to navigate, lively website with a lot of content and full e-commerce capabilities. View Site

“I started working with the Halibut Blue team about a year ago, initially to completely revise our company website. They did a fantastic job porting over all the content from the old site and making it flow much nicer for our customers. I contribute a great portion of the success of the company over the past year to the new website. We’ve seen an increase in revenue of just over 45% comparing to last year’s numbers, and I have to say this must be partly due to the fact that new customers are able to find us easier online. ”

Ryan Hartz, Founder & CEO
Visual Veggies Software

Tradeshow booth

Following a successful website development project, Visual Veggies wanted to update their physical presence. In addition to selling through the App Store and through their website, Visual Veggies sells at colleges, universities, and tradeshows. To present the brand successfully, they needed an easily transportable pop-up banner stand and table throw. These simple elements fit in carry-ons, are easy to setup, and cohesively present the brand.

Packaging and Collateral Materials

A simple solution was needed to present a branded flash drive containing the Visual Veggies Software. We developed a simple and inexpensive packaging solution where a backer card was created and the flash drive was shrink-wrapped in place. The design was repurposed for the development of matching collateral materials.

In order to match the website’s new look, the business cards and rack cards were redesigned.