Corporate Environments Responsive Website Design

We were presented with a challenge — to design and develop two websites at the same time. One was for the parent company, defining the overall look, and the other was for a subsidiary. The sites had to have their own independent design while maintaining a strong resemblance to one another. To further complicate the project, the subsidiary, Corporate Environments, is a Herman Miller® distributor (the gold standard of office furniture). These websites had to be as contemporary as possible and work perfectly on all devices without alienating a traditional viewer.

“The finished websites are fresh, beautiful and have great functionality on all platforms. They’ve had a significant impact on growing our business. We’ve received extremely positive feedback from our clients on this new look. Our sales team is proud to use these websites to sell our products and services.”

Patricia O’Brien, Marketing Director
One Point / Corporate Environments

Subsidiary Website

The Corporate Environments responsive website features large photographic sections, case studies, and a design blog. 

Parent Company Website

The One Point responsive website features a color-coded navigation system where each product line has a corresponding color. This coloration is carried throughout the typography and image overlays for each section. The website also features portal access for printing, office supplies, and specialty item ordering.